Thursday, October 28, 2010

Orbitz Gum

My mom got me some free Orbitz gum. I was so happy when she got them for me. I love them so much!! I go though 1 pack a day. It is not becuase of me, my friends beg for them to.

I love their packaging and their commercials. My mom says that they're commercials are not targeted for kids my age, but I still think their cute. I really have no idea what my mom is talking about.

We were sent so many different flavors. All of them were yummy! Sometimes my friends call me the Orbitz queen. Thats why I love Orbitz gum. If I could marry it, I would! :)

Mom's disclosure:
We were sent 6 packages of Orbitz gum, and several B1G1 free coupons through a Bzzagent Campaign. It in no way reflects on her opinions since she's always asking me to buy Orbitz @ the Supermarket anyway!

Finally in Double Digits

Im finally in double digits. For my birthday I got cute clothes, nail polish, a nail dryer, boots,and a nice day with my family.

We went to a fair. We went on lots of rides. They all made me dizy but they're a lot of fun. Mostly the swings that go up really high.

Oh, and we also went to Sam's to get me a new flat screen t.v. It is SWEET!

So glad I am 10!!