Monday, March 14, 2011

Lazy Award

The last few months, I have been wanting to write in my blog. But I keep forgetting to for a few different reasons.

Reasons I haven't posted on my blog:

1. School- I'm tired of school and school it tired on me.

2. Cheerleading- I am a cheerleader for our local football league and I had practice 3 times a week then games started. My brother's football team made it to the playoffs but lost their secod playoff game. They ended-up tired for 3rd place in the league.

3. Christmas- I got new toys, a new laptop, ad other things. But, I didn't get an ITouch or a cell phone. Boo!

4. Mardi Gras- Went to a bunch of parades and caught lots of toys and beads. Oh, and ate lots of King Cake (my mom needs to learn how to make those)

So, basically that is why I havent updated my blog and pretty much what I have been doing since my last post.